MBS Scholarships

YearRecipientInstitutionResearch Title
2021Zach VickersMissouri State UniversityDoes Local Abundance Explain Cultural Complexity in Bewick's Wren Songs?
Sarah ClementsUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaLandscape effects on individual-decision making and fitness in mid-continent migratory shorebirds
John SchulzUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaAttitudes of Natural Resource Professionals about voluntary use of nonlead hunting ammunition
Kyle J. KuechleUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaQuantifying neonicotinoid concentrations in Missouri wetlands and the potential effects to the associated avian community
Travis J. SchepkerUniversity of MO - ColumbiaWaterfowl Response to Spring Food Availability on Mid-Latitudinal Wetlands during Migration
Julianna JenkinsUniversity of MO - ColumbiaTradeoffs in Neotropical migrant songbird survival and resource use in fragmented Eastern deciduous forest: from the nest to indepencence
Jamie L. McCallumUniversity of Central MissouriUse of Hayed and Unhayed CRP Fields by Grassland Birds in Missouri
Vincenzo A. EllisUniversity of Missouri-St. LouisHealth and its Relation to Patterns of Abundance and Distribution of North American Birds
Richard A. Stanton, Jr.University of Missouri-ColumbiaAssessing the Potential for Brown-headed Nuthatch Reintroduction in Missouri: Habitat Selection at Multiple Spatial Scales
Kaylan KeminkUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaThe Missouri Greater Prairie-Chicken: Historic Decline and Present-Day Survival and Movement
Allison S. CoxUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaNatal dispersal of Red-bellied Woodpeckers in a fragmented landscape
Cara JoosUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaHabitat selection and reproductive success of Bell 's Vireo (Vireo belli belli) in managed habitats of central Missouri
W. Andrew CoxUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaIdentification of important nest predators and the factors that influence their contribution to overall predation rates in a Midwestern landscape
Robin Hirsh-JacobsonUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaThe Effects of Late Season Nests on Source-Sink Dynamics in Mid Missouri Forest Fragment