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Status of in Missouri:  WV a

Seasonal Status

PR --Permanent resident; some individuals present year round.
SR --Summer resident; a breeding species, between 1 June and 31 July.
SV --Summer visitor; a non-breeding species, between 1 June and 31 July.
WR --Winter resident; found for long periods between 14 December and 20 February.
WV --Winter visitor; typically present for only short periods between 14 December and 20 February, but sometimes longer.
T --Transient (migrant) in spring and/or fall.

Abundance Status: The abundance status of each species is based on observation in the appropriate habitat(s). Sporadic = numbers fluctuate significantly among years. A species’ status as a transient is not indicated for summer, winter, or permanent residents unless it is different from the status as a resident.

c - Common or abundant; observed daily, sometimes in large numbers
u - Uncommon; observed fairly often, usually in small numbers
r - Rare; more than 15 records; usually observed annually
ca - Casual; 5-15 records; a very rare visitor
a - Accidental; 1-4 records; a vagrant
[ ] - Provisional; one or more records that meet acceptance criteria, but either (a) no definitive state record (i.e., specimen, diagnostic photograph or audio, or multiple acceptable documentations); or (b) provenance uncertain for all records, in the case of Barnacle Goose and American Flamingo.
* - Species formerly occurring in Missouri; now extirpated (no longer exists in Missouri)
# - Species formerly occurring in Missouri; now extinct (no longer exists anywhere)

Distribution in Missouri: Letters in parentheses (n, sw, e, etc.) indicate general sections of Missouri without specific boundaries. No letters in parentheses indicate that a species is widespread throughout the state. Miss. R. = Mississippi River. Mo. R. = Missouri River.

Note: Taxonomy and nomenclature follow the American Ornithologists' Union Checklist of North American Birds (1998) and subsequent supplements.  The current AOU Checklist is available at