List of Lists


Missouri Life List : How many species have you seen in Missouri in your life time? UPDATED: 8/29/2022.
Annual List : If you ever did a big year (currently referred to as COMAL on MOBirds), or you just keep an annual MO list without going too crazy, and are willing to share your number, let us know.
Big Days : How many birds have you observed in a day? If it was county specific, be sure to include that information! UPDATED: 1/27/2016.
County Lists : How many birds have you seen in a given county?
Site Lists : I would like to keep this as site specific as possible. Examples: Specific Conservation Areas, Specific State Parks, Riverlands Env. Dem. Area, etc. UPDATED: 1/27/2016.
Yard Lists : How many birds have you seen in or flying over your Missouri yard? UPDATED: 4/2/2016.
Misc. Lists : Examples include: How quickly have you reached 100 species in MO? Or 200 species? How many bird species have you photographed in MO?  What is your total ticks for MO? UPDATED: 1/10/2022.
300 and above Big Years and Top Ten Big Days : Self-explanatory. UPDATED: 2/25/2021.


St. Louis Life & Annual List : UPDATED: 1/9/2022.