Total Ticks

The following chart shows those individuals who have the most reportable counties in the county listing game (75 or more species) as well as their "total ticks" (threshold of 100) where each species seen in a different county counts.  These reports follow a similar listing definition as used by the ABA for state listing.

NameTotal County TicksTotal Reportable Counties
Edge Wade1183787
Mike Beck565831
Kathleen Anderson485924
Joshua Uffman470822
Peter Kondrashov259117
Charles Shawver252122
Joseph Mosley236912
Greg Leonard219817
Bob Fisher211810
Ryan Douglas182915
Lisa Owens16319
Nick Varvel14355
Lester Pannell141612
Jack Foreman14059
Greg Swick13477
David Rogles13157
Alex Marine11185
Timothy Jones10746
Jack Hilsabeck10644
Laura Gilchrist10598
Joe Eades9544
Harley Winfrey8524
David Gibson8205
Marc Lund7855
Kyle Driggers7655
Brian Nelson6987
Nick Varvel6911
Steve Bingham6695
Richard Palmer6574
Chris Barrigar6373
Mike Hudson5856
Patrick Harrison5133
Larry Lade5092
Terry McNeely3492
Matthew Jones3432
Tom and Lynda Mills3362
Charlene Malone3071
Joyce Bathke2761
Scott Schuette2751
Jim Rowoth2702
Donald Hays2671
Robert Lewis2651
Tommie Rogers2651
Frankie Cuculich2511
James Zellmer2401
Kristi Mayo2391
Ted Rights2111
Linda Williams2081
Wally George2001
David Gagne1701
Nancy Rochovansky1581
Dakota Swisher1571
Judy Bergmann1531
Matt Mckim-Louder1481
Bryan Prather1431
John Watson1291
Steve Paes1231
Debra Nichols1151
Greg Williams1131
liz albrecht1081
June Newman1061