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Edge Wade, July 2013

8.5 acres   Texas Co.  DeLorme 54, G-3

GPS:  37.3031228904,-91.9744766847


MDC owned; for more information call 417-256-7161


Directions:  From just south of Houston on Highway 63, turn west on Cleveland Road 0.25 mile, then West 0.25 mile on Mesa Dr.


When to Visit/Species to Expect:  This area was donated by the family of Lois Arlene Boesl (pronounced “basil”), a birder who walked these woods daily.  Birders today can find the same species that drew her here.  The seasonal variation of Ozark species can be sought here in comfort.


This is a pleasant site to visit for 20 minutes or an hour.


Features of interest to birders: 1 parking lot.  The .30 mile chat nature trail loop is an easy stroll, providing access to the oak-hickory woods.  There is a small pond, and the area near the lot is planted in prairies grasses and flowers.


Toilets: none


Camping: none


Hazards/Limitations: none noted.  The site is visited regularly by school groups.


Nearby Birding Sites:  Houston Towersite, White (George O.) State Forest Nursery, Gist Ranch CA, Austin Community Lake.