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Edge Wade; May, 2012
754  acres  Texas Co.  DeLorme 54, C-4
GPS:  37.556565145,-91.8769105964
MDC owned; for more information call 573-674-3229
Directions: From Licking, go north on US 63, turn west onto Rt. CC, then south two miles on Shafer Rd.
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  The 100 species CACHE checklist is the result of only 8 trip reports, ranging from late March to early September.  Only waterfowl and shorebirds are not well represented.
Features of interest to birders:
This area invites a slow drive or leisurely stroll for full enjoyment of the pleasant surroundings and to maximize chances to encounter the birds present.  On one full June morning, 68 species were found.
Roads through the area give access to the 100 acre tree nursery and 100 acres of old fields.Road 1829, beginning near the office parking lot and maintenance area, goes through forest and woodland, including the 48 acre Quercus Flatwoods Natural Area featuring 200 year-old post, black and blackjack oaks near the west
boundary of the area.
On the east side of Shafer Rd., Roads 1826 and 1827 circle around the 3 acre lake.
Toilets: 1 privy. The office is staffed and a restroom is available when it is open.
Camping:  None.  3 picnic tables.
Hazards/Limitations:  None noted
Nearby Birding Sites:  White River Trace CA, Boiling Spring Access, Mason Bridge Access, Piney River Narrows Natural Area, Lois Arlene Boesl Outdoor Education Area.