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Edge Wade, 2017
57.3 acres   Worth Co.  DeLorme 14, 1-H
GPS: 40.40232,-94.5263388
MDC owned; For information call: 660-646-6122

Driving Directions: From Grant City, go south on US 169, west on Rt. YY and at Worth continue west on Rt. W to a left turn onto Gunflint Rd. The entrance sign is at the right turn onto 220th Lane into the area. 

From Oxford, go south on Rt. U 2 miles, then east (left) on 225th St. for 1.5 miles to a left turn (north) onto Gunflint Rd. to 220th Lane on the left at the area entrance sign.

ADA Information: There are no ADA compliant facilities. The lake and some of land area can be birded from the lots and gravel road along the east side of the area.

When to Visit/Species to Expect:  So few reports have been made for this lake that a birding trip at any time will add to occurrence data. Most trips have been in May and June. Canada Goose is the only waterfowl on the checklist, due to lack of birders, not birds. Philadelphia, Yellow-throated and Warbling Vireo, Yellow, Chestnut-sided and Yellow-rumped Warbler have been seen. 

The grasslands support Grasshopper, Chipping, Field and Savanna Sparrow. Surely others have gone undetected. Both Eastern and Western Meadowlarks use the area.

Features of interest to birders: The 20-acre lake is large enough to attract waterfowl, especially with so few options nearby. The natural surface path around the lake gives access to the small earthen jetties protruding into the lake for views into all parts of the water.

The surrounding land is a good mix of old fields (32 acres) in grass and shrubs that provide habitat for Bobolink, Gray Catbird, and Brown Thrasher.   Portions of the 5.34 acres of forest woodland lie along the path around the lake, so good opportunity to view species like Eastern Kingbird, Great-crested Flycatcher, Carolina Wren, Orchard and Baltimore Orioles.   

Toilets: 1 privy (in very bad condition in 2017)

Camping: None

Hazards/Limitations: None noted. 

Nearby Birding Sites: Sheridan Access, Sowards Ford Access*, Seat (Emmett and Leah) Mem. CA,, Lotts Creek CA*, Pawnee Prairie NA*, Dunn Ranch Preserve, Grand Trace CA*. 

* Birders’ Guides online. See for these and additional guides.

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