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Edge Wade, May 2009
3,000 acres  Nodaway Co.  DeLorme 15, C/D-9
GPS:  40.3532465528,-94.772123171
Owned by City of Maryville; call 660-562-2809
MDC Agreement; call 816-271-3100
Directions: For the main access road on the east side, go 3 miles east of Maryville on US 136 and turn left (north) onto Liberty Rd.  Rt. EE goes up the west side.  It is 2.8 miles from the intersection of US 71 and US 136 on the east side of Maryville.
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  The lake’s prime birding season is October through March, when migrating and wintering waterfowl and sparrows are present.  All expected goose and duck species have been seen here.  Among the ducks have been White-winged and Black Scoters and Long-tailed Ducks.  Trumpeter Swans occur.  Red-throated Loons have been seen.  Harris’s Sparrows are expected.  Snow Buntings have appeared along the shore more than one winter.
Features of interest to birders:
Completed in the early 1990s, the lake quickly became a stopover for waterfowl.  The 1000-acre lake is owned and operated by the City of Maryville for drinking water supply.  It has 26 miles of shoreline and a maximum depth of more than 40 feet (a draw for diving ducks, grebes and loons).  The southeast end is developed as a park and for fishing access.
A parking area on the dam (accessed from US 136) gives a good view up the lake.
A paved road into the park from Liberty Rd. on the east side provides access to facilities on peninsulas at the southeast end, just above the dam.  Several coves and much of the lower portion of the lake can be viewed from several points, including 3 concrete boat ramps and a disabled accessible floating fishing dock.
An educational area (MOERA) on the east side is not open to the public, but good birding may be found along the roads before the locked gate.
Limited views of the lake may be reached from 230th St. and 220th St. and from Lantern Rd. on the east.
Several roads go toward the lake from Rt. EE.  Most of these end in someone’s yard.  The best view of the upper lake is from the MDC lot and boat ramp 5 miles north from US 136.  This is a quarter mile north from where 220th St. intersects with Rt. EE from the west.  It is well signed.
Toilets:  Several privies near shelters, boat ramps and in campgrounds
Camping:  Tent and RV sites and cabin rental
Hazards/Limitations:  Several speakers have been mounted on posts facing the water in the large cove near the golf course.  These periodically emit Canada Goose distress calls to deter geese from loitering in the area (American Coots ignore them.)
The area can be very busy any day in the summer and on warm weekends in fall and spring.
Access is difficult to much of the 2,000 acres of land surrounding many coves, especially along most of the upper two-thirds of the lake.
Nearby Birding Sites: Nodaway County Community Lake, Bilby Ranch Lake CA, Keever Bridge Access.