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Richard Anderson, June 2011
189  acres  Buchanan Co.  DeLorme 26, B-2
GPS:  39.5354243692745,-95.0557708740234
DNR owned; for additional information call (816) 579-5564
From the south, take MO 45 north of Weston, past Weston Bend State Park and the Iatan Power Plant. Turn left onto Lake Crest Blvd. at the state park sign.
From the north, take US 59 south and continue onto MO 45 when US 59 turns toward the Atchison bridge. Turn right onto Lake Crest Blvd. at the state park sign.
When to Visit/Species to Expect:
Fall and Spring Migrations: Lewis and Clark Lake attracts large numbers and numerous species of migrating waterfowl.  Snow Geese flocks should be scanned for Ross’s Goose.  20 species of ducks have been reported. Trumpeter Swans have been found here on March trips.
Summer: The park has good numbers of summer resident songbirds that are easily observable. Breeding birds include Hooded Warbler, American Redstart and Prothonotary Warbler
Good, accessible sparrow habitat is available in winter and spring.
Features of interest to birders:
There is a good blend of open and wooded terrain, all accessible on foot.
The park is a productive area for small songbirds, especially warblers.
Tall Grass Prairie Restoration: Between the campground and the lake there is an area that is in the process of restoration of native tall grass prairie. The area is small and is easily walked. It is also observable from the road.
Lewis and Clark Lake (Sugar Lake): The south shore of the lake is easily accessible from the park with ample parking. The north shore of the lake is accessible along North Shore Drive. A large amount of reed area is observable from a car. After exiting the campground go north and take the first left.
Field area between Lewis and Clark State Park and the Missouri River: Low lying fields in the Missouri flood plains. It has areas of semi-permanent wetlands. It is an excellent area for shorebird observation depending on season and wetness.  To access, continue along North Shore Drive and turn right onto 116th street. This returns you to US 59.
Lewis and Clark Interpretive Area: In the State Park and clearly marked by signs, this is a large open area of former farm fields beginning to grow wild. It also contains some field levees that provide access to several marshy areas.
Full service bath house in the camping area with showers and laundry facilities. Vault toilets available along the lake front.
Both basic and electric RV and tent sites are available. Some are first come first served, others are reservable. Camping pressure is generally light.
None noted.
Nearby Birding Sites:  Weston Bend SP, Little Bean Marsh CA, Bluffwoods CA.