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Edge Wade, spring 2016
51.17 acres  Howard Co.  DeLorme 30, I-1
GPS: 39.0819404,-92.874276 
DNR owned; for more information call (660) 837-3330

Directions: From Boonville, cross into Howard County on the Boone’s Lick Bridge over the Missouri River on MO 5/US 40/MO 87. Shortly beyond the bridge, turn left to stay on MO 87. Go about 10 miles to a left turn onto MO 187. Go 2.1 miles to the entrance. NOTE:  as of spring 2016, the right turn entrance into the site is only .3 mile beyond the sign on 187 that says it is one mile ahead. If you hit gravel, you’ve just past the entrance road.

ADA Information: The kiosk and picnic area are accessible (including table space suitable for wheelchairs). The trail 3/8-mile trail down to the saltworks has a steep grade that includes a section of dirt/chat filled steps boxed in with railroad ties. Step risers average about 12 inches.

When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Most visits here have been in spring and fall. Summer and winter records are woefully sparse. Six species of warbler have been reported. Summer Tanager, Orchard Oriole, Rose-breasted and Blue Grosbeak, and Dickcissel are among summer sightings. Brown Creeper, Golden-crowned and Ruby-Crowned Kinglets stop here in migration, and least one Red-breasted Nuthatch has dropped in. This is a very good area for woodpeckers.

Features of interest to birders: A small pond on the left just after the entrance may harbor dabblers or a wader. The entrance road can be walked to bird the grass and woods ecotone.

The area around the parking lot, kiosk and picnic shelter is open and gives good views into the surrounding upland woods.

The trail down to and through the saltworks is good for viewing creek bottom species and for a peek into the hillside of the upper spring complex. 

Toilets: 1 vault toilet

Camping: None. A picnic shelter seats about 40 people

Hazards/Limitations: The trail to the lower saltworks area is steep (see above). A saltwater species of mosquito may be bothersome in summer.

Nearby Birding Sites: Peters*, D.C. Rogers* and Ricketts Lake (Fayette), Stump Island Access (Glasgow), Franklin Island CA*. Arrow Rock SHS* is close on the map, but a long way around by road.

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