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Edge Wade, December 2008
247 acres  Pettis Co.  DeLorme 36, D-2/3
GPS:  38.7964065965979,-93.2231140136719
Directions: From I-70, Exit #78 (Marshall Junction), go south on US 65 for about 14 miles, turn left (east) onto Bothwell Park Rd. and follow signs.
From Sedalia, go north five miles on US 65, turn right (east) onto Bothwell Park Rd. and follow signs.
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Anytime.  Excellent range of habitats, easily accessed.  Ridgetop and trails are very good in migration
Features of interest to birders: The entrance road climbs from Muddy Creek bottomland onto the limestone ridgetop.  Two trails (see hazards below) wind through woods and old fields/meadows.  The open areas near the buildings and the day use area are easy to bird.
Toilets:  2 restrooms; one in parking area at the lodge, one in the day-use area
Camping:  None.  Picnic area and playground
Hazards/Limitations:  The two trails (.75 and 3 miles) are narrow, rocky and (especially on the 3 mile Radiant Trail) bejeweled with numerous small tree stumps, so must look down often, rather than scanning for birds.  Radiant is also used by mountain bikers
Nearby Birding Sites:  Marshall Junction CA, Pinhook Access, Katy Trail SP (Sedalia Access), Liberty Park Pond (Sedalia)