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Edge Wade, Nov. 2012

20 acres   Perry Co.  DeLorme 58 inset, D-8

Owned by L-A-D Foundation; leased and managed by MDC

For more information call 573-290-5730


Directions:  From US 61 north of Perryville, about 1 mile north of MO 51, take Rt. V to the right (north) to the end of the pavement, then continue on CR 916 to the parking area on the left (west).


When to Visit/Species to Expect:  The upland oak-hickory forest within this 20-acre natural area has the potential of attracting migrants, as it is an island of green within agricultural land with Blue Springs Branch at the north end.

Resident species comprise a very nice array. The checklist of 62 species as of late 2012 is a good indicator of the excellent birding at this small site.


Features of interest to birders: The area is entered via a westward walking trail within a narrow non-agricultural strip, that widens as the trail bends. The half-mile long trail is as gentle as the rugged karst terrain allows. The resurgence is at the bluff bottom directly below the west branch of the loop trail, but can only be seen well from the east branch.


This is an example of a fairly large ball resurgence, so named because rocks that fall into the nearby sinkholes are tumbled smooth and round by the water action that, because of the pressure, resurfaces (resurges) at this site.


Toilets:  None

Camping:  None


Hazards/Limitations:  Rugged terrain requires some up and down hiking.


Nearby Birding Sites:  Perry County Community Lake, Red Rock Landing CA, Seventy-Six CA, St. Mary Access.