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Edge Wade, May 2010
133 acres  Audrain Co.  DeLorme 31, H-9
GPS:  39.1445091598,-91.8787729592
MDC owned; for information call 573-884-6861
Directions:  From US 54, exit onto Bus. 54 (Clark).  Go north to Teal Lake Rd. on the right (east) in southern Mexico.  Follow Teal Lake Rd. to a parking area on the right (before Huntingfield Dr.)
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Anytime.  Grassland and scrub-loving species may be seen from the mowed path.  The small wetland area supports a variety of water-loving species in migration and cool seasons.
Features of interest to birders:  Although there are no designated trails, a mowed loop trail gives good access to the northwestern quadrant of the area from the parking lot.  Prairie grasses and wildflowers have been planted in the grassland this path covers.  The southern and eastern portions are wooded (and often wet).  The 5-acre Teal Lake Wetland on the east side may be viewed from Teal Lake Rd.  This wetland is the southernmost end of Teal Lake, cut off from the main lake by the road.
Toilets:  None
Camping:  None
Hazards/Limitations:  Tall grass and often wet conditions limit accessibility to nearly three-quarters of the area.
Nearby Birding Sites:  Teal Lake [adjacent], Lakeview Park (Mexico), McCredie Farm Lake, Diggs (Marshall I.) CA.