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MCCREDIE FARM LAKE (University of Missouri)
12 acres Callaway Co.  DeLorme 38, B-4
GPS:  38.948330, -91.909265
Owned and maintained by the University of Missouri; agreement with MDC, call 573-815-7900. 
Directions:  From I-70 at Kingdom City, take US 54 north 0.25 miles to a right onto the outer road (Old Hwy. 40) and go 2 miles east to the signed entrance road on the left.
This is a small site worth a stop to see what might be present in the lakelet and mixed habitats around it.  As of the summer of 2014, 83 species have been found
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Anytime is good for expected birds expected in mid-Missouri in season.   Eleven species of ducks, Pied-billed and Horned Grebes, all the mimids, Blue Grosbeak, Northern Bobwhite, both kinglets, and several sparrow species, including Vesper, Fox and Swamp have been seen.
Features of interest to birders:  The fence row on the right the low, often wet patch of woods on the left along the entrance road should be checked.  A fisherman path goes around the lake, but going is difficult on the west, wooded side,and access from that side is fenced and gated from the parking lot.  The walk from the dam and part of the east side are usually kept mowed.  The trees near the parking lot and brushy area below the dam can produce some suprises.  The grassland and fields visible from the entrance road and parking lot may harbor meadowlarks, Dickcissels and sparrows.  Raptors may be as interested in these as birders are, so keep an eye to the sky.
Toilet: None
Camping:  No facilities
Hazards/Limitations:  None noted other than the difficulty to return to the parking lot from the west side of the lake.  It is suggested that birders retrace their steps, rather than attempt to complete the circuit of the lake. 
Nearby Birding Sites: Teal and Lakeview Lake in Mexico, Whetstone Creek CA, Little Dixie Lake CA.