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Edge Wade spring 2013
160 acres Butler Co. DeLorme 47, I-6/7
GPS: 36.5214240167,-90.4177305846
MDC-owned. For information call: 573-290-5730

Directions: From Poplar Bluff, go south on MO 142 about 12 miles to the point MO 142 goes west at a T-intersection with Rt. HH to the east. Turn left (east) onto Rt. HH and quickly go right (south) onto Rt. H for 2.5 miles. Rt. H turns west, then ends. At the end of Rt. H, turn left (south) onto gravel Country Road 260. This road turns west. Take the only left (about ¼ mile after the west bend) into the area.

From Neelyville, go east on MO 142 about 5 miles to the junction with Rt. HH, and continue, as above.

When to Visit/Species to Expect: This is an underbirded area. It is small and remote from most Missouri birders, but well worth a “look-see” detour on a birding trip, any time of year. Allred Lake, an island of green bottomland swamp habitat, is a likely draw for spring and fall passerine migrants seeking a food-rich haven. As of early 2013, there are 83 species on the checklist from 32 trip reports to CACHE. Spring trips have been especially productive. Dabbling ducks, Green Herons, and Prothonotary Warblers are to be expected in season. Great-horned and Barred Owls, Winter Wren, and Mississippi Kite have been found.

Features of interest to birders: The east half, 76 acres that include the 7-acre lake/slough, is a designated Natural Area. The remnant lowland forest includes 500 year-old bald cypress, swamp tupelo, water hickory, water elm, water locust, and water, overcup and swamp chestnut oak, making up a signature habitat that once covered much of “swampeast” Missouri. A short (.20 mile) trail from the parking lot leads to the boardwalk/platform at the lake.

Toilets: None

Camping: None

Hazards/Limitations: None noted

Nearby birding sites: Big Cane CA, Mac and Zelma Carmichael SF, Coon Island CA, Corkwood CA.

Allred Lake map