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Edge Wade, summer 2015
433.74 acres Butler Co.  DeLorme 67, H-6
GPS: 36.5543549,-90.5323955
MDC owned; call 573-290-5730 for information.
Directions:  From Poplar Bluff, go south on US 67.  From Neelyville, go west 0.5 mile on Highway 142 (a.k.a. Hart St.) to the entrance on the north end of the area.  The west side may be viewed by continuing past the entrance road and turning south onto CR 275.  The south end, including a portion of Neelyville Ditch at the southwest corner of site, may be viewed from CR 270, accessed from US 67 or from CR275
This example (about 394 acres) of now rare bottomland forest in southeastern Missouri has a sand dune field of forested dunes with species like white oak, sugar maple, black walnut, Kentucky coffeetree, sassafras, and pawpaw that are usually found in upland forests. The wet swales support buttonbush, cottonwood, swamp red maple, will and corkwood, the lightest wood in North America.  Seedlings and acorns have been planted in open fields on the area to help perpetuate the diverse forest community of the area.
ADA Information:  Birding from a vehicle and the parking lot are the only options other than natural surface paths.

When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Anytime but the hottest summer periods has potential for good birding.  Raptors and woodpeckers are year-round residents.  Winter trips will likely turn up Winter Wren, Brown Creeper or Hermit Thrush.  Both kinglets occur.  Wood Thrush and Brown Thrasher nest.  Warblers may be found in migration.
Features of interest to birders: The road to the single parking lot traverses grassland and the reforestation area.  The dunes and bottomland forest are to the south of the lot.
Toilets:  None
Camping:  None
Hazards/Limitations:  None noted. 
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