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Edge Wade
3,294 acres  Carroll Co.  DeLorme 28, B-4
GPS:  39.3726564038,-93.6821695558
MDC owned; for more information call 660-646-6122
Go north from Carrollton about 10 miles on US 65, then 7 miles west and north on Rt. Z.  There are three area access options.  Turn onto CR 130 to enter the area from the southern side; continue on Rt. Z to CR 120 to enter on the east side; continue to CR 110 to reach isolated parking lot 13 near the northeast corner.
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Cooler months are best.  The area has about 1,300 acres in old fields and pastures, 1,400 acres in timber, and 575 in crop fields.  A thousand acres are being managed in a restoration project for praire/savanna/forest.  Upland species, grassland, scrub and forest nesters can be expected.
Features of interest to birders:
13 numbered parking lots correspond to numbers on the area map, a useful feature.  The lots are numbered roughly west to east.  One large pond is viewable from lot 12, off CR 120.  Multi-use trails (4.5 miles) connect lots 7, 9, and 10.
Toilets:  None
Camping: Primitive only, at all parking lots
Hazards/Limitations:  Roads to parking lot 1 and connecting lots 1 and 2 are impassible when wet.  Note dove hunting season.  Areas between lots 5 and 6 and between 12 and 13 are planted to attract doves.  Trails have no short loops.
Nearby Birding Sites:  Schifferdecker (WL) Memorial CA, Bonanza CA, Fountain Grove CA, Swan Lake NWR, Grand Pass CA