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Edge Wade, November 2010
919 acres  Cole Co.  DeLorme 37, H-10
GPS:  38.4726863247,-92.388589557
MDC owned; for informaiton call 573-884-6861
Directions: Take Rt. C southwest from Jefferson City toward Russellville, Turn left on Route AA just east of Russellville, then left on Scrivner Road. Turn left again on Scott Road and continue 1 mile.
A northwest parking area is accessed from Claywell Rd., a left turn off Scrivner Rd. shortly after leaving Rt. AA.  There is a short walk to Claywell Pond.
Another access point is east of Scott Rd.  [note:  these directions follow the actual road signage and are inconsistent with the MDC map for the area] From Scrivner Rd. east of Scott Rd., turn left onto Dawson Rd.  Stay on Dawson all the way to a parking lot (bear left at junction with Gully Rd., then right at a T-intersection, then left where the road ahead becomes Clibourn.
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  This area has a good variety of habitats that offer good birding opportunities any time of year.  Warblers and vireos can be plentiful here in spring and fall migration.  Flycatchers are present and fairly easy to find in season.  Woodpeckers are plentiful.  Don’t forget to look up to catch a full array of raptors, especially in fall and winter.  The possibilities of fall and winter sparrows have not been fully tested.  The 24 acres of wetland could produce some surprises.
Features of interest to birders:  Moreau Creek Trail (multi-use horses/hiking) meanders through the area, with many loops allowing exploration of shorter portions of the 8.50 miles.
9-acre Winegar Lake, 2-acre Claywell Pond, and South Moreau Creek attract a good variety of waterfowl.
The extensive trail system leads through forest and old fields, inviting exploration.
5 parking lots offer a variety of jumping off pints for short walks or long treks.
Toilets:  1 privy at the shooting range
Camping:  Primitive, only
Hazards/Limitations:  The shooting range is very active.
Nearby Birding Sites:  Stringtown Bridge Access, Saline Valley CA, Honey Creek Access.