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Edge Wade, May 2009
1,461 acres  Cooper and Moniteau Co.  DeLorme 37, D-8
GPS:  38.7824273676,-92.5952305414
MDC owned; for information call 573-884-6861
Directions: From the town of Prairie Home, go west on Rt. J, then south on Rt. W about 4 miles.  Johnson Lake is reached from Prairie Rd., off Rt. W; most of the area is accessed via Cedron Rd., 1/4 mile further south on Rt. W.  Alternate entrances/exits are Zey Rd. and the east end of Cedron Rd, both joining Rt. D southeast of the town of Prairie Home.
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Anytime.  Fine opportunities for passerine migration sightings, especially along the creek.  Winter birding good.  Carolina Chickadees have been found here in winter (Black-capped are to be expected year-round).  This is beyond the Carolina Chickadee range of 20 years ago.  Additional sighting information is being sought.
Features of interest to birders:  3 lakes--Johnson (the largest & reached directly by road); Church (150 yds. from parking area); Cattail (100 yds. from parking area).  Forest and woodland, stream access, glades (20 acres), savanna (20 acres) and native prairie (110 acres).  Gravel road through the area, 9 parking areas, and about 8 miles of trails, with access from the parking areas provide excellent access to the varied habitats.
Toilets: 1 privy at Johnson Lake
Camping: 5 designated primitive areas.
Hazards/Limitations:  Low water crossings along Cedron Rd. may be impassible when ice is present, or due to high water, especially in the spring.
Nearby Birding Sites:  Overton Bottoms CA, Marion Bottoms CA, Marion Access.