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Edge Wade, May 2009
3,939 acres  Franklin/Washington Cos.  DeLorme 48, C-2
GPS:  38.2253035442,-90.9268835667
MDC owned; for information call 636-441-4554
Directions:  Option 1.  From I-44, take exit 126 on the north side of Sullivan and follow Hwy. 185 past the entrance to Meramec SP.  To go to the north entrance (one parking area and a privy), turn left onto Rt. K (about 6 miles from I-44) and follow it another 6 miles to Little Indian Creek Rd.  Turn right (east) onto Little Indian Creek Rd. There are two entrances on the south side, both near the southwest corner of the area. To reach them, stay on Hwy. 185 past Rt. K for about a mile and turn left onto Rt. A.  Follow Rt. A to area signs.  The first (southwest entrance) leads to two parking lots; the second (south entrance) leads to 3 parking lots and the shooting range.
Option 2.  The north entrance can be reached more easily if coming from the east on I-44.  Take exit 239 on the southwest side of St. Clair. Go east on MO 30 and MO 47, then right (south) on Rt. K, then left on Old Highway K for 3 miles, then 3 miles on Little Indian Creek Rd.  This road continues to Rt. A, where a right turn will lead (eventually) to the south entrances.
When to Visit/Species to Expect: Birding here can be challenging.  Spring migration may provide some surprise passerines.  Wintering species may be found along the roads and parking areas.
Features of interest to birders:  This area is more than 90% forested.  Some open bottomland is found along the road near Little Indian Creek (near the north entrance) and more is along California Branch (reached from the south entrance).  A short-leaf pine stand near the southwest corner of the area is easily reached from the southwest entrance and could provide some very good birding.  A multi-use trail system provides access to the interior.
Toilets:  2 privies (north entrance)
Camping:  12 primitive campsites near the privies (north entrance)
Hazards/Limitations:  Firearms shooting range (closed Mondays).  Heavily used during various hunting seasons.
Nearby Birding Sites:  Meramec CA and Meramec SP, Washington SP, Pea Ridge CA, Red Horse Access.