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Edge Wade, August 2008
1,526 acres  Harrison Co.  DeLorme 14. I-5
GPS:  40.3267765481,-94.1237117695
MDC owned; for information call 660-646-6122
Directions:  From Bethany (US 69/US 136 intersection or from I-35, Exit #92).  Take Rt. W northwest to Rt. F.  Total distance to west side of the area is about 6 miles.  Or, stay on W to CR W 280 PL (turn west) to reach the southernmost parking area.  Continuing north on Rt. W, then west on CR W 295 St. will bring you to the north parking area.
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Winter for Long-eared Owl and/or Saw-whet Owl, wintering raptors, resident woodpeckers.  Sparrows and swallows in season; Wild Turkey and Northern Bobwhite are present.
Features of interest to birders:  4 parking areas.  The perimeter lots at the north and sound ends are at the termini of an old road now serving as a two-track trail through the east portion of the area.  One branch of this trail connects with the trail to the 2 parking areas on the west side.
2 ponds:  1 is easily accessible from the west parking lot to the north of the T after entering the area; the second is nearly a half-mile from the north parking lot, on a spur off the north/south two-track.
More than 25 wildlife water holes are indicated on the area map; only 3 are close to a trail.
100 acres of native prairie, 300 acres grass (non-prairie), 100 acres savanna, 200 acres old field, more than 800 acres forest and woodland
Toilets:  None
Camping:  Primitive camping at 2 parking lots.  Parking lot on west side has gravel pads.
Hazards/Limitations:  Rugged terrain.  Plan to walk--trail connecting north and south parking areas is about 2 miles; spur connecting west end is about 1.5 miles.
Nearby Birding Sites:  Seat (Emmett & Leah) Mem. CA, Pawnee Prairie NA, Dunn Ranch.