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Edge Wade, 2017
20 acres Harrison Co.  DeLorme 14, F-4
GPS: 40.5293894,-94.1925161
MDC owned; for more information call 816-271-3100

Directions: From I-35 at Eagleville, go west into town, then north on US 69 for 3.2 miles to a left turn (west) onto MO 46. Go west about 9 miles to Hatfield, continue about 2 miles beyond Hatfield to a right (north) onto Rt. HH. Go .5 miles on Rt. HH to the small parking area on the left.

ADA Information: There are no ADA compliant facilities. The trail through the area is natural surface.

When to Visit/Species to Expect: There have been few eBird reports submitted for this small area. It is the only public access into a fairly large wooded tract in mostly pasture and hayfield agricultural land, so despite its size, the site can give a good sampling of interior forest birds representative of this portion of Missouri.

Spring (mid-May) passerine migration observation has shown Yellow-headed, Blue-headed, and Red-eyed Vireo, Swainson’s Thrush, Black-and-White, Tennessee, Nashville, Kentucky, Blackpoll, and Blackburnian warblers present. 

Resident and summer nesting species reported include Northern Flicker, and Red-bellied and Downy Woodpecker, Great-crested Flycatcher, and Eastern Wood-Pewee, Wood Thrush, Summer and Scarlet Tanager and Baltimore Oriole

Features of interest to birders: The non-loop natural surface trail (about two-track wide in most places) heads west from the parking area, generally paralleling the south boundary, then veers to runs along a low ridge to bisect the area, ending at the west boundary. The trail provides good views into the woods, much of which are slightly below the trail level. 

Toilets: None

Camping: None

Hazards/Limitations: Prepare for ticks.

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