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Edge Wade, May 2010
80 acre lake; 108 acre park  Audrain Co.  DeLorme 31, H-9
GPS:  39.1533604572,-91.8758480212
Owned by City of Mexico; call 573-581-2100
MDC agreement; call 573-884-6861
Directions:  From US 54, exit onto Bus. 54 (Clark).  Go north to Teal Lake Rd. on the right (east) in southern Mexico.  Follow Teal Lake Rd. to a left onto Huntingfield Dr.  The parking lot is on the right off Huntingfield Dr.
The extreme south end of the lake may be seen by continuing east on Teal Lake Rd. and looking to the left. To the right side is the wetland area of William Lowe CA.
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Anytime (but warm weekends not recommended).  Waterfowl may be present from fall through early spring; Bald Eagles have frequented the lake.
Features of interest to birders:  From the parking lot, a narrow-neck trail leads to the bulbous end of the penninsula separating the large section of the lake from the smaller portion to the left.  The trail and the end of the penninsula offer excellent views of the lake and any waterfowl present, and access to small areas of trees and brushy habitat harboring paserines.
Toilets:  Modern restrooms near the shelter at the south end (at the parking lot).
Camping:  None
Hazards/Limitations:  None noted, but the area can be very busy with people enjoying a variety of activities during warm weather.
Nearby Birding Sites:  Lowe (William) CA [adjacent], Lakeview Park (Mexico), Kiwanis Park (Mexico), Diggs (Marshall I.) CA