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Edge Wade, 2016
80 acres (lake only) Howard Co.  DeLorme 30, H-2 
GPS: 39.169338, -92.736090 (called Fayette Lake on Google Maps)
Owned by City of Fayette; management agreement with MDC. Formerly called Fayette Lake #2. For more information call Fayette City Hall 660-248-5246, or MDC 573-815-7900.

Directions: From Hwy. 5 on the west side of Fayette, go west on Rt. E, past D.C. Rogers Lake at about 1 mile, and continue about 2.5 miles further to the MDC sign (on a curve) at CR 207. Turn right and follow the gravel road past private land to the lake.

ADA Information: The lake, pond, some wetlands and some woods are visible from a vehicle. The pathways are not level and not paved.

When to Visit/Species to Expect:  This smaller, less diversified area than D.C. Rogers Lake has had fewer birding visits. Birds disturbed at DC Rogers have a very short distance to fly to this lake, so it is often worth checking. The deep water here is attractive to diving waterfowl. A birder visiting in colder months before freeze-up may be rewarded with a good variety of ducks, geese, loons and grebes.

There are more warblers on the checklist here than for D.C. Rogers, probably simply due to timing and searching. Thrushes, warblers, tanagers, etc., may be found along the two-track described below.

Features of interest to birders: A small pull-off near the southeast corner of the lake gives a good place with a little elevation to scope the length of the lake. A tiny pond just beyond that point should be checked for species preferring a more intimate setting than the lake.

The marshy area across the gravel road from the pond is formed by the upper reaches of D.C. Rogers Lake. Take the time to look it over closely.

The road crosses the spillway and goes up a steep hill. Near the base, an old two-track leads to the right. There is a small pull-off here. This is an easy walk into woods to look for warblers, vireos, tanagers, etc.

At the top of the hill circled by the road there is a grassy opening—a good ecotone area. Plan to spend some time walking around, looking and listening. This elevated area may give a better scope view of portions of the lake than from the other side. 

A hiking trail around the lake (about 2 miles around) provides access to the upper reaches for the venturesome.

Camping: No

Hazards/Limitations: The entrance road descends steeply to the lake. Traffic is a one-way loop for a short stretch. Don’t attempt it in icy conditions. As of the November of 2015, the spillway crossing has been repaired, and vehicles are no longer in danger of falling into a large hole.

Nearby Birding Sites: D.C. Rogers Lake:* (a hiking trail runs east from the southeast corner of Peters, near the small pond, along the south side of D.C. Rogers for about 2 miles to near the corner of the dam and the road into D.C. Rogers; Franklin Island CA*; Boone’s Lick SHS*; Hungry Mother CA; Moniteau Creek CA*; Davisdale CA.

*Birders Guide available

Map shows Peters (upper left) and D.C. Rogers Lake.

D.C. Rogers map