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Edge Wade, spring 2015
663 acres  Lafayette Co.  DeLorme  35, B-9
GPS:  38.93925, -93.58738
Owned by City of Concordia; MDC agreement; for information call 660-530-5500
Directions:  From I-70, Exit 58, go 2 miles south of Concordia on MO 23, then west on Concordia Lake Rd. (a.k.a. CR 329) for about one-half mile.
ADA Information:  The layout of the roads gives excellent views of the full lake from an automobile.  Grassland areas and a segment of woods in the picnic area are also easily viewed from a car.
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Easy access from I-70 and entry to several lake viewing points via auto allow quick checks of the lake and more lengthy birding of the surrounding area, if desired.  Waterfowl season may produce some good finds here.  Mature woodland, especially at the end of the third road south into the area, will harbor passerine migrants.  There is something of interest to see at this site anytime of the year.
Fifteen species of ducks have been reported.  Other waterfowl include Trumpeter Swan, White-fronted, Snow, Ross’s, Cackling and Canada Geese, Common Loon, Pied-billed and Horned Grebe, Double-crested Cormorant and American White Pelican. 
Great Blue Herons may be joined by Great Egrets and Green Herons.  Osprey and Bald Eagle cruise the sky above the lake.  Northern Harrier; Cooper’s, Sharp-shinned, Red-shouldered, Red-tailed, and Rough-legged Hawk may be found.
Shorebirds at Pape Lake have included Spotted Sandpiper, Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, Stilt, Least, Pectoral and Semipalmated Sandpiper and Wilson’s Snipe.
Western Kingbird and Scissor-tailed Flycatcher have been reported, as well as expected eastern flycatching birds.  Reports include twelve species of sparrow. Among them are Vesper, Lark and Harris’s.  American Pipits occur, and Rusty Blackbirds have been seen here.
Features of interest to birders:  The 245-acre lake is surrounded by another 200 plus acres in both forest/woods and non-prairie grassland.  Four gravel roads lead south to parking areas.  The road to the dam and spillway at the southeast corner may be closed off during waterfowl hunting season.  If it is open, be sure to take it.  Watch the shore and riprap near the road for shorebirds.  A trail into the woods to the east leads off the parking area at the end.
Drive the roads slowly, getting out to explore woods or brushy areas or to set up a scope, as desired.
 Edwin A. Pape Lake Map
The parking areas, picnic areas, and nearby angler access paths provide good views of the lake and pleasant woodland birding conditions.
Toilets:  3 pit toilets
Camping:  None
Hazards/Limitations:  Waterfowl hunting is determined annually by the City of Concordia.  Call the City Clerk: 660-463-2228 for information.
Nearby Birding Sites:  Perry (R. & M.) Mem. CA, Maple Leaf Lake CA, Knob Noster SP.