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Edge Wade, April 2009
3.5 acres (lake and stream only)  Lawrence Co.  DeLorme 61. A-7
GPS:  37.10845,-93.81612
Owned by City of Mt. Vernon; call 417-466-2122
MDC Agreement; call 417-895-6880
Directions: From the square in Mt. Vernon, go north a quarter mile on Main St. (to the north side of Williams Creek).  The pond is on the right.
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Anytime, but avoid warm weather high human activity times.  Waterfowl may be present in cool months, but passerines in the surrounding vegetation provide the best birding focus.
Features of interest to birders:  The asphalt walking trail around the pond provides easy access to some wooded, grassland, and scrub areas.  A path up the wooded hillside on the north side may be worth exploring during nesting season.
Toilets: 1 privy at parking area
Camping:  None
Hazards/Limitations:  None noted other than potentially great human presence and activity.  The paved trail is used by many walkers; fishing clinics are held on the pond.
Nearby Birding Sites:  Talbot (Robert E.) CA, Mount Vernon Prairie, Chesapeake Fish Hatchery.