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Edge Wade, revised July 2014
810 acres  Lincoln Co.  DeLorme 33, G-6/7
MDC owned; for information call 636-441-4554
GPS:  39.176607,-91.006746
Directions:  From Troy, go 14 miles north on US 61, then west (left) on Rt. Z for one mile to the east side of the town of Whiteside, then south (left) onto Galloway St. into the area.  Two parking areas along the south side are reached only from White Wildlife Rd., west from US 61.
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Any season will likely supply good birding opportunities here, but see the Hazards/Limitations entry.  The area is managed especially for Northern Bobwhite.  Wild Turkey are present.  The range of habitat and good accessibility suggest a full range of passerines will be present in season.
This area is under-birded, given the variety of habitats and the potential for a good spectrum of species on any visit.  There are surprisingly few ducks on the checklist. Birds reported here include Green Heron, Black-billed Cuckoo, Peregrine Falcon, Rusty Blackbird, and a short but indicative list of warblers.
Features of interest to birders:  Non-prairie grasslands and old fields equal about 320 acres, cropland about 150, and forest and woodland about 315 acres.  Lake Whiteside is more than 20 acres.
Six parking areas allow easy access to a variety of habitats.  Of particular interest is the one to the east (left) shortly after entering the area at Whiteside.  Scrub, brush, a pine planting along the north boundary, and a seasonally wet area are nearby.
The lot reached from the second left is near the trailhead for a field trail heading south through old fields and some wooded areas, around a large pond to the south of the lake and connecting with the eastern parking lot on the south side along White Wildlife Rd.  An extension of this trail leads from the south lot to a small pond.
From the lot at the boat ramp, a short walk leads along a dividing levee between the lake and a separate shallow arm, then by following fisherman paths, the low areas on the north side of the lake can be explored.
A micro-habitat for skulkers is provided by the tiny cemetery and its scrubby edges, but “tidying” activities have reduced the attractiveness for birds.  Park alongside the road.
Toilets: One privy at the boat ramp on the northwest side of Whiteside Lake
Camping:  None
Hazards/Limitations:  Many upland game (birds and rabbits) hunters may be present in season.  A managed dove hunt is held in September.
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