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200 acres (lake) in city park  Macon Co.  DeLorme 23, H-9
City of Macon and Macon Public Utilities; call 660-385-4964
MDC agreement
Directions:  From Macon to enter on the east, go north on US 63 (about 1 mile from US 34) and turn right (west) onto Lake St.  To view the marshy area at the north end, stay on Lake Rd. across the shallow area.  To view the lake from the east side, turn south onto Macon Lake Rd. before crossing the shallow north end.
From Macon via US 36 at the US 36/US 63, go west on US 36, take the first exit (signed for Long Branch).  A turn to the right (along the access road, Noll Rd.) then leads to two points to view the lake from near the dam.  The first is a left onto Macon Dam Rd.  This is a short road to a parking/turn around area at the west end of the dam.  The spillway and a cove can be seen from this point.  To see the dam area from the east end, go back to Noll St., turn left on it, then left at the next road.  A small parking area just north of the water plant gives a good view up the lake.
After viewing from the area near the water plant, backtrack to Noll Rd.  Go east along it to connect with Kendall Rd. (on the left).  Take Kendall to a left onto Macon Lake Rd. to go up the east side of the lake.  To enter the lake from the northwest, Go back west on Noll, to the Long Branch intersection, turn north and take the gravel road to Lake Rd. (right turn) at the north end of the lake.
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  This lake is a favorite for winter and early spring birding (late October through April) because of species present and easy access.  Few summer visits have been entered as of 2012, so there may be some surprises awaiting birders at that season.
Canada Goose dominates the list, but Cackling, Snow, Ross’s, and Greater White-fronted have been found here.  Horned Grebe, and Trumpeter Swan have been recorded.  Among the 18 species for ducks, Hooded Mergansers are numersous (check out the east cove for them).
An unusually late Solitary Sandpiper was found at the east cove in late October.
Features of interest to birders: The internal road gives easy access to good views of the lake, including the east cove area. The small loops into picnic shelter areas can be surprisingly productive.
Toilets: 1 privy off Macon Lake Rd. on the lake’s east side
Camping:  Picnic shelters only
Hazards/Limitations:  None noted
Nearby Birding Sites:  Long Branch SP, Long Branch CA, Atlanta CA, Thomas Hill Reservoir, Bee Hollow CA