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Edge Wade, December 2008, revised 2016
10 acres   Miller Co.  DeLorme 45, C-7/8
GPS: 38.2001613576,-92.6183979094
Leased by MDC, for information call 573-346-2210

Directions:  From US 54, immediately north of the Osage River Bridge, go west on Osage River Bridge Road about 0.4 miles to the access on the left.

When to Visit/Species to Expect:  This is the most dependable site in the state north of the southern tier of counties to find Black Vultures. Passerines, waders and shorebirds (in season) can be expected along the lakeshore and in the nearby woods.  Gulls in winter gather to work the area at the base of the dam visible from the access and the parking area nearer to the dam.  A Black-legged Kittiwake has been among them.

Features of interest to birders:  Perimeter of the large parking area and the mowed lawn provide easy access to riparian area trees and a variety of passerines.

At low water, a sandbar is often occupied by waders and shorebirds in season.

Toilets: 1 privy

Camping:  None

Hazards/Limitations:  None noted other than rapid rise of water due to releases from the dam (a siren sounds before water is released).

Nearby Birding Sites:  Lake of the Ozarks SP, Saline Valley CA, Mansfield (Alice A.) CA.

Bagnell Dam Access