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Edge Wade,  revised 2013
1,381 acres  Mississippi Co.  DeLorme 69, H-6
GPS:  36.6122259507,-89.2867117912
Designated an Important Bird Area
MDC-owned for information contact 573-290-5730 or
Directions: From East Prairie (total 16 miles), go east on Hwy. 80, south on Hwy. 102, then east on Rt. A, and south on CR 520. A sign directs visitors to go over the levee to enter the area.
When to Visit/Species to Expect: Nesting Mississippi Kites; in spring and fall migration, shorebirds, waders and raptors may abound, if conditions are right.  Neotropical migrants following the river may be numerous, especially in the spring.  Swamp rabbits may be seen.
Features of interest to birders: The area is 8.5 miles long, a little less than one mile wide at the widest point.  It functions as a wetland, flooding regularly.  There are 3.5 miles of Mississippi River frontage.  Nearly two-thirds of the area is forested; there are 46 acres of sloughs, 24 acres of small openings.
Three parking lots:  one gravel at the boat ramp on Old #7 Chute, 59 acres on the Mississippi; one gravel on the east side of the levee; one dirt at the New Seven Chute, 74 acres only partially (9.4 acres) owned by MDC.
Toilets: None
Camping:  Not allowed in parking areas; walk-in, backpacking camping is allowed.
Hazards/Limitations:  Area floods.  Seasonal closures during turkey and deer seasons.  No designated trails.
Nearby Birding Sites:  Ten Mile Pond CA, Dorena Access, Seven Island Access, Big Oak Tree SP, Towasaghy SHS.