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Edge Wade, January, 2017
12 acres (lake part only) Pettis Co.  DeLorme 36, 2-E
GPS: 38.68573,-93.2945348
Owned by Sedalia Park & Recreation Department call 660-826-4930; lake MDC managed by agreement, call 660-530-5500.

Directions: From US 65/Rt. B/ 32nd St. intersection, go west. Make an immediate right turn to get on 32nd St. The road narrows at the city limits; the park entrance on the left is about 1 mile beyond.

ADA Information: Privy is accessible. Roads throughout area are paved. Parking at lakeside in paved area.

Features of interest to birders: This is a large sports park. Portions of the roads through it are widened and serve as parking lots for events. The roads/lots can be cruised by car to reach the minimal wooded/scrubby areas on the perimeter of the park. Some of the better habitat of this type is in the field archery range portion.

The lake does attract some waterfowl, and a walking trail provides access along ¾ of the perimeter. Mowed “lanes”, part of the disc golf course give easy access to other habitats. A small, more natural pond is on the south side of the lake, a short distance to the west of the connector to the Katy Trail. Birders can make a full circuit of the lake via the walking trail, disc golf course and short cut back north on a chat two-track that runs along the lake’s west side.

When to Visit/Species to Expect: The limited number of reports show late fall to be good for waterfowl (Bufflehead and Hooded Merganser presence show the potential for divers).

Wintering sparrows can be found along the fringes, especially in the vicinity of the brushy area near the pond. Winter is also a good time to see house, purple and goldfinches.

In spring and summer meadowlarks use the open areas (both species have been reported). Gray Catbird, Northern Mockingbird, and Brown Thrasher join Eastern Bluebird and American Robin. Swallows and Purple Martins course over the lake.

Toilets: 1 privy at the lake.

Camping: None 

Hazards/Limitations: A field archery range is at the first parking area near the entrance Check to see if it is in use before venturing in. The park is often full of human activity. The lake may have many anglers. 

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*Birders’ Guide available,

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