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Edge Wade, Sep. 2012

1,320 acres   Pike Co.  DeLorme 32, B-5

MDC owned; for additional information call 573-248-2530.


Directions: Between Hannibal and Louisiana on MO 79, near Ashburn, and adjacent to Ted Shanks CA.


The upland portion, including the 80-acre Natural Area, is reached via two scenic view areas on the east side of Hwy. 79 and (as of September, 2012) an unmarked parking area on the west side that gives access to the portion of the site west of the highway.


To reach the lower portions, take Hwy. TT into Ashburn.  One gravel road leads north from town on the west side of the railroad tracks.


Currently (September 2012) the track crossing on the north end of this road shown on the area map is blocked, perhaps permanently.


To reach the campground and mature hardwood forest near it, enter Ted Shanks CA from Rt. TT at the south side of Ashburn, and turn left after crossing to the east side of the tracks.  The firstroad left off this loop road leads to the maintenance area; take the next road left into Dupont.


When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Any time of year is likely to produce a good variety of

species.  The Mississippi River floodplain (1.5 miles of riverfront), mature forest, scrub areas, bluffs, steep valleys, flood-scoured bottom land and many micro-niches combine to make this a site to delight the exploring birder.


Features of interest to birders:

Gravel roads and the campground in the bottoms, the scenic overlooks with paved roads and paths on the bluffs, and the service road to walk into the west portion give good access to the full array of habitats.


This is a site neglected by birders.  The easily accessed mature hardwood forest gives it an aspect that adds a dimension lacking at adjacent Ted Shanks.


There are 975 acres of upland timber, 310 acres of bottomland timber, 35 acres of old fields and grassland, and plantations of walnut, cottonwood, tulip poplar and bald cypress.


Toilets: One handicapped accessible privy in the lot at the boat ramp at the north end of the campground.



The campground on the Mississippi River near the boat ramp has 20 pull-in pads suitable for tents or RVs.  Primitive camping is also allowed on or adjacent to allarea parking lots, but not along roadways, and not during firearms deer and turkey seasons.


There are picnic tables at the scenic overlooks.


Hazards/Limitations:  The railroad is a busy line, and a siding that runs the length of Dupont may have a train sitting on it with engines running for lengthy periods.  As of September, 2012, the gravel road on the west side of the tracks is a dead end because the roadbed of the crossing has been removed.


Nearby Birding Sites:  Ted Shanks CA (adjacent to the lower portion of Dupont), Edward A. Anderson CA, Ranacker CA, Jack Floyd and West Lake at Bowling Green, Indian Camp Access.