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Edge Wade,  Decenber 2008

380 acres   Platte Co.  DeLorme 26, D-4

GPS:  39.4188918456,-94.8079913303


MDC owned; for information call 816-858-5718


Directions: From I-29 Exit #70 (just north of Platte City), take Hwy. 371 north about 3 miles to the area on the left.


When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Anytime.  Snow Geese stop over.  A full complement of typical seasonal species for grassland and forest habitats for northwest Missouri should be expected.  Bell’s Vireo nests.  Harris’s Sparrow is regular in winter.  Sandhill Crane has been seen in October, Brewer’s Blackbird in late March.  Some waterfowl may be present.


Features of interest to birders: Three parking areas provide viewing and access.  The one immediately off Hwy. 371 has a path leading to and across the dam of 17 acre Tobacco Hills Lake.  The central parking area (south of the above, accessed off Hwy. 371 by a short road) is in the center of the open area of the “C-shaped” lake, so gives a good view of the open area and the two narrow shallow areas.  A parking area off Bee Creek Boulevard has a track leading into the area west of the lake and offers a shorter route to and onto the dam.


Toilets: 1 privy


Hazards/Limitations:  None noted


Nearby Birding Sites:  Platte Falls CA, Weston Bend SP, Smithville Lake.