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2,356 acres  Platte Co.  DeLorme 26, D/E-4/5
GPS:  39.38434, -94.75374
See also: Sharps Station Access (adjacent)
Directions: From I-29 at Platte City, take Exit #19 (Rt. HH).
1.  The first (mmediate) left north from the I-29 exit is Knighton Rd.  This leads north to 2 parking areas and a boat ramp.
2.  Rt. HH east leads to 3 parking areas along the south side and connects with Interurban Rd. on the east side of the area.  Interurban Rd. (going northwest) leads to Sharps Station Access and to Sharp’s Station Rd. (west), which provides access to the north and interior parking areas.
3.  A more direct route to the interior parking areas at the two clinic ponds is from I-19 Exit #20 (Hwy. 317/Elm Grove Rd.).  Take Elm Grove Rd. as it swings north, then go right (east) on Sharp’s Station Rd., then south on Settle Station Rd.  (Continuing east on Sharp’s Station Rd. will bring you to Interurban Rd. and additional parking areas mentioned above).
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Anytime.  In spring migration, flycatchers (including Yellow-bellied, Alder and Willow) are present;  summering species include Blue Grosbeak (check the archery range area);  wintering sparrows are plentiful, both kinglet species may be found.  One Great-tailed Grackle has been reported.
Features of interest to birders:  The archery range and the shotgun range parking area provide good birding when shooters are not present.  The Knighton Rd. entrance leads to 2 boat ramps, giving access to points on the Platte River.
A good mix of habitats is accessible, despite the lack of maintained, designated trails.  The riparian areas are especially worth exploring. There are nearly 900 acres of bottomland and upland timber and slightly more than 1,400 acres in pasture, hay, row crops, and old fields.
Toilets: 4 outhouses
Hazards/Limitations:  Archery range on the south side; shotgun range on the south side (marsh area littered with orange clay pigeon shards).  Flooding occurs.
Nearby Birding Sites:  Sharps Station Access, Weston Bend SP, Smithville Lake, Park (Guy B.) CA.