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Edge Wade:  2011
53 acres Reynolds Co. DeLorme 56, E-3
GPS:  37.4171006228,-90.8255443776
MDC owned; for more information call 573-223-4525
Directions: From Lesterville go one mile east on Hwy. 21, turn south onto Peola Rd. (CR 342).  Take CR 342 south to the junction with CR 364. Take CR 364 south 1.5 miles to the access on the right.
When to Visit/Species to Expect: This is a very fine place to seek warblers from mid April through May. The 62 species CACHE checklist includes 15 warbler species. Cerulean Warblers nest here. The site has not been birded much beyond this timeframe, so its full species potential isn’t represented.
Features of interest to birders: The Black River has changed course and the site no longer has easy access to the river. Birders will have little disturbance from other users, so may scan the river bottom trees in leisure.
CR 364 runs through the area for about a quarter mile along the bluff. This stretch of road with the ecotone of upland and bottomland, and the road to the parking lot through the floodplain give good access for bird finding in a mix of rich habitat.
Toilets: None
Camping: No amenities
Hazards/Limitations: None noted.
Nearby Birding Sites: Johnson’s Shut-Ins SP, Lower Taum Sauk Lake, Centerville Access, Ketcherside Mountain CA.