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Edge Wade, August 2008
430 acres  St. Clair Co.  DeLorme 43, H-8
GPS:  37.8783353522,-93.7186143115
MDC owned; for information call 660-885-6981
Directions:  Go west of Collins on US 54 to Rt. J, then 2.5 miles south.
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Spring migration for passerines; fall and winter for sparrows; waders in summer.
Features of interest to birders:  Three parking areas.  Forest (250 acres), oak savannas, dolomite glades, native grasslands (under restoration), and stretches of Brush Creek make up a good mix of habitats easily accessed along paths and field access roads (old two-tracks).
Brush Creek Natural Area forms the southeast third of the area.
Toilets: 1 pit toilet (at parking area south of J)
Camping:  Primitive walk-in, no facilities
Hazards/Limitations:  Portion of area on west side of Brush Creek can be accessed only from Rt. J; no parking areas on that side.  Natural Area connects only at a corner; no parking area in it.
Nearby Birding Sites:  Blackjack Access, Brush Creek CA, Monegaw Prairie CA