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24.6 acres Saline Co.  DeLorme 29, G-6
MDC owned; for information call 573-815-7900
GPS:  39.1746327,-93.3853596 
Directions: From Malta Bend, go west on US 65 about 1 mile and turn south onto Hwy. 127.  The sign for the lake is about 1.25 miles; turn left.
This is a small area, easily reached and worth a quick check en route to/from the more renowned sites in the vicinity.
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Only spring and summer birding trips comprise the checklist as of spring 2015.  The expected species are found here, but waterfowl are not represented on the list.  Dark-eyed Juncos, Fox, Song, and White-throated Sparrows were found on a March trip.  It’s good woodpecker habitat; 3 Yellow-belled Sapsuckers were there in mid-June.  Eastern Kingbirds were staging for migration in late August.
Features of interest to birders:  A narrow strip of brushy habitat along the entrance road is part of the area.  Bushes and shrubs near the single parking lot may host towhees, chats or catbirds.  There is a fisherman path along west side to use to get views of the far end of the lake.  A walk across the low earthen dam gets one close to birds skulking on the far side of the 5-acre lake.  The remaining acres are old field (6 acres), and forest and woodland (13 acres).
Toilet:  None.
Camping:  No facilities.
Hazards/Limitations:  None noted.
Nearby Birding Sites: Grand Pass CA, Van Meter SP, Baltimore Bend CA, Blind Pony CA.

Malta Bend Map