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60 acres  Scotland Co.  DeLorme 16, I-3
GPS:  40.3423094655,-92.0079739368
MDC owned; for information call 660-785-2420
Directions:  From Memphis, go east on US 136 to Rt. A.  Turn right (south) on Rt. A to South Gorin (about 6 miles).  Go east of South Gorin on Rt. U about 1 mile, then south (right) about 1 mile on Rt. RA to the area.
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Anytime.  As with most other areas in the northeast corner of the state, this lake has had few birding visits.  It is an untapped source of birding enjoyment in an island of habitat in an agricultural area.  Seasonal visits could bring some surprises.
Features of interest to birders:  The 15-acre shallow lake is surrounded by 10 acres of old fields and 35 acres of woods.  The road off Rt. RA at the northeast corner of the area leads to the boat ramp and privy.  Continuing south on Rt. RA leads to a second parking lot and a different view of the lake.
Toilets:  1 privy
Camping:  Primitive camping is allowed on or adjacent to the two parking lots.
Hazards/Limitations:  None noted
Nearby Birding Sites:  Clark CA, Indian Hills CA.