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Edge Wade, August 2010
3,974 acres  Scotland Co.  DeLorme 16, I-1
GPS:  40.3231464425,-92.3028670658
MDC owned; for information call 660-785-2420
Directions: From Memphis, go south 8 miles on MO 15 to Rt. T (the northern entrance); from Edina, go north on MO 15; from Kirksville, go east on MO 11 to the junction with MO 15, then north.  The southern entrance is via Seven Oaks Rd. off County Line Rd. (at Knox/Scotland county line), west from MO 15.  From Rt. T, Seven Oaks Rd. goes south into the eastern third; Indian Creek Rd. goes south into the northwest portions; and Old Trail leads south to a parking area on the southwest side.
When to Visit/Species to Expect:  Anytime (but see caution about wet conditions).  Upland species, including Northern Bobwhite and Pheasant, are likely.  Waterfowl may be found in small numbers in season.  Nesting vireos warblers, tanagers and orioles, and wintering sparrows may be found in good numbers.  Shorebirds and waders (there is a heronry) are present in migration when mudflats are available.
Features of interest to birders: The South and Middle Forks of the Middle Fabius River traverse the area, creating riparian woodland and wetland habitats through low rolling hills.  Nine parking lots, some in the interior, ease access to several ponds (all less than 1 acre).  A 6-acre lake and a managed marsh are off Seven Oaks Rd. just south of the middle parking lot on that road.
Toilets:  None
Camping:  Walk-in and backpacking; seasonal closures may apply.
Hazards/Limitations:  Wet conditions make the central area of Seven Oaks Rd. impassable.  Note hunting seasons, including pheasant, dove and quail.  There are no designated trails.
Nearby Birding Sites:  Lake Showme (Memphis), Ewing (Ella) Lake CA, Clark CA.