The MBRC Documentation Process

Crested Caracara - Becky WylieWhen you click the “Submit Your Documentation Now” button on the documentation form, a process is set in motion. If you checked the “Upload Utility” checkbox in Section 5, proceed to step 1 below; otherwise, proceed to step 2.

  1. If you checked the “Upload Utility” checkbox in Section 5, you will be taken to a page that allows you to upload your images for the documentation. These could be digital pictures of the bird, scanned copies of film images, scanned copies of your field notes and sketches, etc. Once you have completed the upload process, a new page will load.
  2. A page will load that displays all the information that you submitted to the MBRC. This is a page that is printer-friendly, and it is recommended that you print this page for your own records.
  3. At this point, your submission is stored in the system, pending action by the secretary of the MBRC, Bill Rowe. Bill will review your submission and will determine whether to prepare it for full review by the MBRC or not.
  4. If the decision is that your submission does not need MBRC review, Bill will mark the documentation as “No Review,” and no further action will take place with regard to that submission. He will contact you to let you know this.
  5. If the decision is to review, he will mark the documentation as “Review”. This makes the documentation available to the full committee for reviewing.
  6. After the committee has reviewed and voted on the documentation, one of three things will take place.
    1. The documentation will be marked as “Accepted”
    2. The documentation will be marked as “Not Accepted”
    3. The documentation will be circulated again for further review.
  7. A documentation marked as “Accepted” receives no further action other than permanent inclusion in the official record for ornithology in Missouri. It will appear as an accepted record in the Annual Report, and you will be credited as a documenter. The documentation you filed will be archived electronically.
  8. A documentation marked as “Not Accepted” also appears in the Annual Report (with no names) and will also be archived electronically.
  9. A documentation marked to be circulated again is simply still being reviewed.

It is highly recommended, if you are willing to complete an online documentation, that you first log in on the documentation form. If you have never logged into using your email address and a password, it is recommended that you create a login (i.e., register). This registration process is free and is known as creating a “Profile." If you attempt to log in on the documentation form or from the homepage of our site without first creating your profile, you will be directed to a page that allows you to click a button that says, “Check or Create My Profile”. Proceed by clicking the button. On the page that loads, first-time users will use the part below the yellow highlighted text to create their profile. Once you have created your profile, you will be directed to a page where you can add additional information to your profile. Once done, click the “Update My Profile” button.

Once your profile is created, you should be “logged in”. Access the documentation form again through the navigation menu. The login portion of the form should be gone and you should see that your name and other information have been automatically loaded into section 3.

Why all the fuss about logging in? Because, by logging in, you will be able to retrieve and print any of your previously submitted documentations, and you will be able to save and return to your current documentation instead of having to complete it in one sitting! If you do not login, you can complete that one documentation, but there is no way to associate the documentation with “you” for future action by you!