Cool Links

ASM Smugmug Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery  a place for members to share photos - managed by Al Smith
Birder Organizations in Missouri
Buying Guides
Mobirds-l Listserve
Nearby State Organizations
New to Birding
All About Birds  An online guide to birds and bird watching.
Birding on the Net (Rare Bird Alerts)  Information on current birds, birds being seen, all over the world.  Listen to the sounds of 602 North American bird species.
The Young Birder's Backyard Guide  There are between 8,700 and 10,000 different species of birds. Have you ever considered bird watching as a hobby? If so, you can study birds right from your backyard. Here's a helpful guide.
Trip Planning Resources
Passport to Texas Birding  A new and excellent site from Texas Wildlife and Parks
What Bird Is It?
Hummingbirds!  An excellent resource from Lanny Chambers in Fenton MO
Patuxent Bird ID Infocenter  Bird ID, Bird quizzes (visual, audio, and maps), and a lot more!