Contributing to Science

Arguably the world of ornithology is the leader in contributions from amateurs, from backyard feeder watchers to periodic surveyors, to the broader understanding of the science. This is accomplished through various types of reporting which in turn is synthesized into published material.

  • Seasonal Reporting - This is the foundation for all we know about species ranges and seasonal occurrence. In recent years many birders make reports directly through eBird. These reports are reviewed by eBird reviewers and confirmed reports become a part of the narrative for a season. Non-eBird users may report interesting sightings directly to the seasonal editor.
  • Missouri Bird Records Committee - The MBRC, a committee of the Missouri Birding Society, reviews reports of rare birds and out-of-season occurrences to provide an evidence-based method of determining the status of species in our state.
  • Christmas Bird Counts - CBCs began in 1900 as an alternative to the traditon of the Christmas hunt and the annual censusing of birds within a standard circle has become its own holiday tradition for many birders. As the first citizen science project, the CBC has captured enough data over the years that results are now used by various scientific organizations to document changes in bird populations.