MBS web account and be logged in.Listing is a "non-competitive" competetion enjoyed by many Missouri birders. Many people compete with themselves to see as many species possible in a year while others have friendly wagers with friends. Anyone can see the lists but to play the game you must have an 

COMAL stands for "Challenge of Missouri Annual List." Users make entries each month of the number of birds seen that month, the cumlative total for the year, and the cumlative total for the ABA area.

Annual Listing is a subset of COMAL which shows the top annual lists of all time of those reporting at least 50% of the birds ever recorded in Missouri. You may also filter the report by year.

COMCL (Challenge of Missouri County Lists) is a "non-competitive competition" similar to COMAL, where individuals list the total number of species they have seen in any given county. You may keep track of any county and will be shown in the list once a county has reached the 75 species threshold.

Total County Ticks summarizes those individuals who have the most reportable counties in the county listing game (75 or more species) as well as their "total ticks" (threshold of 100) where each species seen in a different county counts.

List of Lists, maintained by Joshua Uffman, contains a number of different lists that birders can submit.