Bird Watching Uses and Expectations


These rules apply to properties owned by the University of Missouri, managed by the Central Missouri Research, Extension and Education Center (CM-REEC).

eBird hotspots subject to these rules are: Baskett Forest, Bradford Research Farm, Foremost Dairy Farm Lake #1, Foremost Dairy Farm Lake #3, Rocheford Turkey Research Farm, South Farm--Headquarters Area, and Beef Research and Teaching Farm.

  1. Display the hang tag permit within the vehicle while driving on the property or parked at an access point.* 
  2. Drive Slowly. Speed limit is 15mph, unless designated otherwise.
  3. Drive only on paved or graveled road surfaces.
  4. Do not enter research fields – planted, cropped, or tilled.
  5. Park only in designated areas (see maps where applicable).
  6. Wear closed toe shoes and long pants.
  7. Do not feed any animals.
  8. Do not touch animals.
  9. Do not enter any fields with a closed gate.
  10. Do not enter any buildings.
  11. Always yield to, and move immediately out of the way, of farm equipment.
  12. Not following these rules will result in lost privileges for individuals.

*MBS will mail the hang tag free to applicants who indicate acceptance of the rules. Membership in MBS or any other birding organization is not required. The tag/permit is specific to the individual, not a particular vehicle. Behavior of additional birder(s) present is the responsibility of the tag holder and rule 12 applies to all.